I also found out she was very single which I thought I would take full advantage of because just listening to her talk how educated she sound with a certain hint of sassy but just the right amount of classy she was definitely someone I needed the company of. Being the true gentleman my mother raised me to be I offered something to eat figuring she might be hungry but she turned me down saying she was fine, “what do you know about cooking Mr. Montrose” she jokingly asked. Well to be quite honest I took some cooking classes in vocational classes in high school I replied wittingly.
Omg this man is absolutely too much sexy, gorgeous and can cook damn I think I hit the jackpot wait there is one problem we live on 2 totally sides of the united states, But I have to have this man he is the perfect epitome of what husband material stands for. Sitting across from Kennard I study him some more only to notice the slight dimple in his left cheek which I thought was absolutely darling, I studied his lips when he spoke and saw just how thick and juicy they were pretty sure I was drooling I snapped out my trance only to realize Kennard seemed to be quite in a trance himself there was no denying the sexual tension in this room was very thick

To be continued….. Tune in next Sunday for the next segment of Midnight Rain



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